华体会体育|苹果发布iPhone 7和新款Apple Watch
发布时间:2022-10-23 23:05
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本文摘要:Apple’s attempt to reverse falling sales of its iPhone and Watch arrived with a mix of bold feature changes and subtle design tweaks at its annual product launch on Wednesday.苹果(Apple)在周三举办的年度新品发布会上发布了大胆的功能变化和微小的设计调整,企图以此挽回iPhone和Watch销量下降


Apple’s attempt to reverse falling sales of its iPhone and Watch arrived with a mix of bold feature changes and subtle design tweaks at its annual product launch on Wednesday.苹果(Apple)在周三举办的年度新品发布会上发布了大胆的功能变化和微小的设计调整,企图以此挽回iPhone和Watch销量下降的趋势。The unveiling of the iPhone 7 by chief executive Tim Cook in San Francisco follows the first ever drop in sales for Apple’s most important and profitable product. The Apple Watch, too, has seen sales slump less than two years after it first went on sale.首席执行官蒂姆库克(Tim Cook)揭露iPhone 7的面纱之前,苹果最重要也是最盈利的产品首次经常出现销量下降。Apple Watch在上市将近两年后也经常出现销量下跌。

Wall Street analysts are split on whether the new handset can return the iPhone to growth in the crucial holiday quarter ahead.对于新款手机能否在将要来临的至关重要的假日购物季度使iPhone完全恢复快速增长,华尔街分析师观点不一。The streamlined design of the iPhone 7 made few departures from the last two years’ models apart from a new shiny black finish. However, Apple provoked controversy by removing the smartphone’s standard headphone jack, as it unveiled new “AirPods” — its own new earbuds for wireless listening.iPhone 7的流线型设计与最近两年的设计完全没什么区别——除了新的暗黑色镜面外观。然而,由于中止了该款智能手机的标准耳机模块、发售新款无线耳机“AirPods”,苹果引起争议。

“We are just at the beginning of a truly wireless future,” said Sir Jonathan Ive, Apple’s design chief, introducing the new headphones. The AirPods are easier to set up and use than other Bluetooth headphones because they use a new W1 chip produced by its in-house silicon team, Apple said.“我们正处于确实的无线未来的开始,”苹果首席设计官乔纳森艾夫爵士(Sir Jonathan Ive)在讲解新款耳机时回应。苹果回应,AirPods比其他蓝牙耳机更容易设置和用于,因为它们用于了由其内部硅团队研发的全新的W1芯片。By ditching the headphone jack and replacing the mechanical home button with a vibrating sensor, Apple broke with tradition in the hopes of boosting the iPhone’s reliability, for instance with better waterproofing and dust resistance.通过中止耳机插孔后用振动传感器代替机械式Home按键,苹果超越了传统,期望提升iPhone的可靠性,比如强化透气和防尘功能。

“Everyone will moan and groan about it because you’re breaking instilled consumer behaviour,” said Wayne Lam, analyst at IHS Technology. “It’s going to give a lot of people heartache.”“每个人都会对它怨言大大,因为你在超越灌输给消费者的不道德模式,”IHS Technology的分析师维恩拉姆(Wayne Lam)称之为,“这不会让很多人不习惯。”Anticipating such questions, Phil Schiller, Apple’s senior vice-president of marketing, said that single-purpose analogue ports for headphones “don’t make sense” when so many other components have to be packed into a smartphone.苹果营销高级副总裁菲尔席勒(Phil Schiller)预料到了这类问题。他说道,当这么多其他组件必需加装到一部智能手机里,单一用途的模拟式耳机模块“无意义”。

“The reason to move on comes down to one word: courage — the courage to move on, do something new that betters all of us,” he said. The AirPods will cost $159 when they go on sale in October.“盖住新的一页的原因归结一个词:勇气——盖住新的一页的勇气,做到让我们所有人过得更佳的新产品,”他说道。AirPods将于10月上市,售价为159美元。Apple also touted a new dual-lens camera for the iPhone 7+ which adds a telephoto lens. However, one key feature — a technique for blurring backgrounds of portraits using the twin cameras — will not be available at launch, instead coming in a software update later this year.苹果还撒谎了iPhone 7+追加一个近摄镜头的双镜头照相机。

然而,上市之时将会获取一项关键功能——用双摄像头破面人物背景——这项功能将在今年晚些时候通过一次软件升级构建。The iPhone 7 will cost $649, or $27 a month on a two-year instalment plan, with doubled storage over the similarly priced 6S. The product will start shipping on September 16 in 28 countries, with another 30 following a week later.iPhone 7的售价将为649美元,两年分期付款的话则是每月27美元,存储容量比类似于价格的6S减少了一倍。该款产品将于9月16日在28个国家开始发货,一周后在另外30个国家开始发货。

The second version of the Apple Watch boosted its fitness-tracking features by adding GPS positioning and waterproofing to allow swim tracking, as well as a new partnership with Apple. Despite a brighter display and a faster processor inside the Watch, the external design remained unchanged from the previous version, other than a new ceramic white finish.第二代Apple Watch通过减少GPS定位和透气功能(可获取游泳时的跟踪)提高了健美跟踪功能。尽管显示屏更加暗了,内置处理器速度更加慢了,但新一代Apple Watch在外观上与上一代没区别,只减少了一款新的陶瓷白色版本。